The Story

“THE STORY” started with a desire to reach a goal with pure intentions on creating true connections. I believe within my heart we feel less alone and more aligned with our purpose in life when we’re sharing it with one another. Hello, my name is Harmony, YES that is my real name! And, I’m the creator of True Coaster.


The idea of True Coaster began when my family and I moved to Ottawa in 2019 from Truro, Nova Scotia. I was pleasantly surprised when I quickly started connecting with East Coasters from all over. 6 degrees of separation quickly became my quest when I graciously met my new fellow neighbours, it became more like 2 degrees of "WHO'S YER FADDER?" I was even more fascinated by how we all long for connections, it can be as simple as just telling our personal stories.

I'm also proud to say True Coaster hoodies and shirts are 100% Canadian made apparel! Truro Nova Scotia to be exact. The hometown of my fadder, grandfadder, grandmudder, great grandfadder, great grandmudder and so on. Even my youngest child was born in Truro, Nova Scotia! Needless to say it seemed to be a no-brainer to integrate True Coaster with Nova Scotia's heritage apparel company that has proudly been around since 1856! Pretty cool "eh"?

Whether you're a 100% east coaster or half bluenoser like myself OR no coaster at all, one thing I can confidently say is... we all long for these true connections within one another, so let's keep sharing these beautiful stories of who we are and where we're from. We might just know who yer fadder is!

"Come from Away"